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NFC Lab @ ISTANBUL is one of the leading NFC focused research labs in the world.

NFC Lab @ ISTANBUL considers Near Field Communication as an emerging technology that transforms innovative ideas into reality for Future Information and Communication Society.

NFC Lab @ ISTANBUL strives for research excellence in focused research areas relevant to NFC. The Lab is aimed to be a catalyst in achieving substantial progress with involvement of key players including MNO, Financial Institutes, Government Agencies, other Research Institutes, Trusted Third Party, other Service Providers.

NFC Lab @ ISTANBUL embodies a core team and a network of business and academic partners.

We are committed to work on NFC technologies with multidisciplinary network of expertise all around the world. The core team is accountable for creating and maintaining the business and academic partnerships and dynamically generates networks on project basis. 


   Featured News
Dr. Turgay Karlidere presented "Secure Element on the Cloud System" in International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering Conference on 20-23 October 2016.
Busra Ozdenizci presented “A Cloud Based Framework for HCE enabled NFC Services" paper in 
International Conference on Advances in Business Management and Information Technology, Spain on 3 March 2016
Mohammed Alsadi presented “Discussion of a Key Exchange Protocol between Un-keyed SIM Card and Service Provider" paper in 
60th The IIER International Conference, Malaysia on  15 February 2016
Dr. Vedat Coskun presented "Implementation of a Key Exchange Protocol forSecure Communication between SIMCard And Service
Provider" paper in 
Academics World 15th International Conference, on 29 December 2015

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